We sell many different types of shellfish, including Miyagi, Kumamoto and Virginica oysters, Manila clams and Bodega Bay mussels.

Miyagi oysters are cultured in floating bags at the top of the water column where algae is most dense. These oysters develop a nicely cupped shell with beautiful purple-brown hues, and are easily opened to expose a blonde meat nearly filling the cup. The sweet soft meat develops a salty tang as it crosses your

tongue. The Miyagis are sold in sizes ranging from x-small to large.

Kumamoto oysters are cultured in rack-tied mesh bags high in the intertidal zone. These little oysters develop plump meats and an extended shelf life. The silver-brown shells are among the easiest to open. Being diminutive has not hampered the reputation of these oysters. Their buttery-sweet taste and firm texture attract novice and confirmed oyster lovers alike.

Virginica oysters are bag-grown in the Walker Creek delta on Tomales Bay. The smooth shell on these oysters hints at the smooth and salty taste of the meat inside. Easy to open and excellent with white wine.

Manila clams are cultured in mesh bags on the floor of Tomales Bay. The intricate patterns on the shells are at times astounding. Steamed or raw, the sweet, crunchy meats delight novice
or aficionado. Use them within a few days of purchase as they have a short shelf life.

Bodega Bay mussels are raft cultured in hanging columnar nets. These black-shelled beauties are at their plumpest in the summer months. When cooked, the mussel’s firm meats are scrumptious and the color ranges from dull orange to cream.